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SNLF Photography

~~A Little of What I Do!~~


Fun, Sun, and Photography

Classes are currently closed!


Tictocmind Studios

Tictocmind Studios can make any event come to life. With video and photo editing capabilities and years of experience, your photos and videos will pop. Tictocmind Studios also produces plays and documentaries with a socially conscious element. Studio space is also available for any artist. Check out the website for more information.


Casey Cares Foundation

At Casey Cares, we know how difficult life can be for families with critically ill children. We help keep families' spirits high by arranging programming - whether it's a simple movie night and a fresh pair of pajamas or attending a major sporting event - Casey Cares makes life a lot better by adding a personal touch throughout the year and making lasting memories for families throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and portions of the Midwest.

Click below to view my photos and see the great work that Casey Cares does.


All in a Day's Work

Photo shoots and event photography are a part of my repertoire, but it is not where my passion lies.  My desire to do more politically and socially charged photography is my goal. However, everything I have done has taught me something at some point. This page contains a little of what I have done in the past to shape who I am now.


For More Info.....

To sign your child up for a photography class, ask a question, or leave a comment, please contact me below.  Thank you!!

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